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This guidance is provided in good faith and outlines the general principles of good food allergen management. BB Foodservice disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from following the information in this publication. BB Foodservice does not give any guarantee that following the advice in this publication will prevent an allergic reaction from occurring. The food business should ensure that it complies in full with the legislative requirements for the manufacture, preparation and sale of safe food. Sole responsibility for the safety of supplied food rests with the proprietor. Product data provided within this website and used in the allergen analyser is provided by food manufacturers and is subject to change. For further information please review the Allergen information on the pack or contact the supplier directly.

As part of Bestway Batleys continued commitment to our foodservice customers, our Allergen Analyser web tool helps you to determine which allergens are contained in your recipe ingredients. With the increased demand on caterers to highlight allergens and tighter legislation on food safety, the onus is on you to which allergens are contained in each dish.

Simply click on Get Started and then select by ingredient or create a recipe and Allergen Analyser will tell you which allergens are contained in your selected ingredients.

You can then download the PDF which you can use to signpost the appropriate allergens on your menu ensuring that you give clear guidance to customers and comply with all necessary food safety regulations.

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Allergy Facts

  • An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy (Mintel, 2010)
  • UK hospital admissions for food allergies have increased by 500% since 1990 (Gupta, 2007)
  • 20% of the population are affected by allergic rhinitis (Allergy The Unmet Need, 2003)
  • 50% of children and young people have one or more allergy within the first 18 years of life (Journal of Clinical & Experimental Allergy, 2009)
  • £900million per annum spent by Primary Care is due to allergy (Enquiry Into Provision of Allergy Services, 2004)
  • £68million per annum is the cost of hospital admissions due to allergy (Enquiry Into Provision of Allergy Services, 2004)
  • The UK is one of the top three countries in the world for the highest incident of allergy (The Allergenic Invasion, 1999)