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Specialist in-house butcherySpecialist in-house butchery

We pride ourselves in providing the very best quality meat for any occasion. Our master butchers prepare everything on site in state of the art purpose butchery facilities. We are firmly committed to best practice in animal welfare and only buy our meat from specially selected network of suppliers.

Quality & Consistency

Lifestyle changes and the increasing demand from the discerning consumer have led to tremendous changes and pressures on the meat industry in terms of product integrity and consistency. This coupled with more and more meat products and specifications being readily available in the retail and catering market place, has resulted in varying degrees of product inconsistency and standards. With this is mind, BB Foodservice have adopted the EBLEX quality standards for beef, veal, lamb and mutton products. All our meat products that display the EBLEX approved logo have been quality assured throughout the supply chain.

Eblex Quality StandardHigher Standards, Better Returns

The EBLEX quality standard mark scheme was launched in 2004 to enhance the market conditions. The scheme has now strengthened its specifications for beef, veal and lamb to improve efficiency, add value in the supply chain and guarantee enhanced eating quality.

The scheme provides consumers with assured beef, veal and lamb fro the farm to the point of purchase, providing provenance and integrity thoughout the supply chain. The standards and specifications cover farm assurance and quality assurance throughout the supply chain, animal age, carcase specifications, maturation, eating quality and care for the environment.

Meat Cuts

View our range of Beef, Lamb, Veal and Pork cuts

View our range of Beef, Lamb, Veal and Pork cuts »

Master Chef & Master Butcher

View or download the latest innovative menu ideas from traditional to sous vide cooking (links open in a new window).

Sous vide is a long established and increasingly popular cooking process in which food (eg a cut of meat) is vacuum sealed in a pouch and cooked at a comparatively low temperature for a long period of time, usually in a water bath. Many chefs are taking advantage of its benefits and are using it to experiment with new dishes and as a result, the number of sous vide recipes and the knowledge of the sous vide process is growing rapidly.

To help you take advantage of this opportunity, EBLEX has identified a range of cuts which are suitable for the sous vide cooking method, with help from Michelin-starred chefs Anthony Demetre and Andreas Antona - and Master Chefs Steve Love and Jenny Jones.