Catering News: 4th January 2017

Prosecco pips Champagne at New Year

Prosecco pips Champagne at New YearData from a snapshot poll by Epos of 800 pubs across the UK reveals that during the hour straddling the old and new years, the sales of Champagne and Prosecco combined accounted for more than a third (35%) of pubs’ total drink revenues, with Prosecco at 18% and Champagne 17% of total wet sales.   

The surge in sales of these drinks was not sustained across the whole evening, however. Champagne and Prosecco together accounted for just 15% of total pub wet revenues for the 12 hours from 5pm on 31 December to 5am on 1 January, well below beer at 27% and spirits at 20%.

Jacyn Heavens, CEO, Epos Now said: “It seems many people like to ring in the New Year with a celebratory glass of bubbly but that’s typically where it stops. Champagne and Prosecco are expensive and over the course of the evening as a whole people are still most likely to be enjoying a good old pint.”

A separate piece of Epos Now research showed that town and city pubs across the UK enjoyed a strong New Year overall. The technology company’s poll compared the revenue figures of 380 pubs and bars from 5pm on 31 December 2016 through to 5am on 1 January 2017 to their trading figures for the corresponding period a year earlier. Overall sales grew across the board, peaking in Newcastle (up 11%) on the previous year; Brighton (up 9%) and Edinburgh (up 7%). 

Beer in demand at Christmas

Epos Now also analysed pub drinks revenues over Christmas, surveying 800 UK pubs open over the period from Saturday 24 to Monday 26 December inclusive. Beer sales remained strong throughout the festivities, accounting for 35% of pubs’ wet revenue over the three days, almost double that of the next category - spirits (21%), with wine down in third place at just 15% of total drinks revenues.