Catering News: 2nd February 2017

Vivek Singh brings colour and culinary delights to Covent Garden

Vivek Singh brings colour and culinary delights to Covent GardenAptly named, Cinnamon Bazaar is inspired by the bustle, colour and energy of the marketplaces dotted along the various trading routes that connected the empires of the Old World. Vivek’s vision has been successful. Leaving the grey London streets behind you, a feast of bold colours - majestic gold, vibrant blues, greens and pinks - awaits you while organic, natural materials reflective of historical India feature alongside vibrant hand-painted graphics, stunning patterned tiles, ceiling drapes and illuminated hanging lanterns.

“Bazaars have been a place for the exchange of ideas and influences for centuries as ingredients were traded from one bazaar to another,” says Vivek. “Accordingly, the dishes at Cinnamon Bazaar offer a cross-cultural dining experience. Chicken Haleem connects India with Iran; Millet, Date, Tamarind and Pomegranate salad pays homage to the markets of the Middle East; and Lahori Chicken Kahia connects Old Delhi to new Lahore, a popular trading route.”

Colourful cocktails
Cinnamon Bazaar prides itself on its innovative cocktail menu (including unique flavours such as carrot-infused gin with curry leaf, ginger and cinnamon), created by award-winning mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana, aka Mr Lyan. Once again the senses are in for a treat as the bazaar theme is very much in evidence on the cocktail list with beautifully presented beverages offering a tasty selection of heady perfumes and colours as well as flavours.

“As one of the world’s best bartenders, I knew Ryan would come up with an amazing list and he hasn’t disappointed!” comments Vivek. “The cocktails are unique, interesting and pair perfectly with the market-inspired dishes on our menu.”

Treat for the tastebuds
The 90-cover restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with dishes including Indo-Chinese chicken wings with burnt chilli dip; Tandoori Kentish lamb fillet with mint chilli korma; and Malabar boatman’s haddock curry with kokum and green mango chutney. In addition, a Chaat Cart allows diners to customise their chaat (an Indian dish of boiled vegetables or raw fruit, with spices), paying homage to one of the world’s oldest, most traditional street food snacks.

Cinnamon Bazaar is the fourth concept from The Cinnamon Collection, which includes the flagship Cinnamon Club in Westminster, Cinnamon Kitchen in Devonshire Square and Cinnamon Soho on Kingly Street. The group has plans to roll out the Cinnamon Bazaar and Cinnamon Kitchen concepts in London and the South East. 

Cinnamon Bazaar

28 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7JS