Market fresh, quality produce delivered directly to your door

Farm Fresh Fruit & Veg

Our network of local and national handlers of fresh produce source hundreds of products from more than 40 countries, and also work closely with British growers to offer local produce when in season.

Our aim is to provide a world-class service in the procurement, supply and distribution of imported fresh produce. Bestway Batleys Foodservice working in partnership with its suppliers and customers is dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of products and sources to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market.

Our team of fresh produce buyers work closely with suppliers to ensure all requirements for marketing produce in the UK and Europe are satisfied. At Bestway Batleys Foodservice we aim to be at the forefront of technology and ensure our network of suppliers are continuously investing in research and development for example:

Our highly trained and competent team of technologists focus on:

Our network of suppliers control all logistics from arrival in Europe to delivery to our foodservice centres with stringent quality control staff ensuring all products passing through their pack houses are individually inspected by experience quality control staff.

As part of our corporate social responsibility policy we work closely with suppliers to ensure that we operate to the highest standards of product quality, legality and employee and safety.